Industrial Software

Main Features


Industrial DelfinNet® 4.0 Software for Industrial manufacturing Enterprises is a software that allows you to control each of its processes and assemblies of a production model, effectively managing costs, materials, assembly stages and minimum and maximum inventory, providing an overview of the production, linked with information from administrative and commercial area, providing comprehensive management of the company to meet the specific needs of this activity with the best cost factors, time and quality.

Our Industrial DelfinNet® 4.0 Software Integrated modules help and allows businesses to be standardized and fully customizable, it adapts to the production needs of each company, although very different from each other. It can be modified at any time, either in form or process, or in your work circuit, which supports all manufacturing processes and consequences of manufacturing projects releases and work orders (OT ), accelerating the procedures organized to start the functional circuit that manages from the purchase to the coding of the finished product.